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A Note From Our Intern, Toni Demaio

October 4, 2012

I have been interning for Social Marketing Solutions, LLC for almost a year now and I have loved every second of it. As a journalism major, the experience of writing blogs for companies and businesses has been an experience that will forever help me in my writing future. I am so thankful that Kelly has given me this opportunity (even if it was after much begging) because it is truly advancing my writing skills and abilities in so many ways.

Expanding my Horizons

Working with Social Marketing Solutions has taught me how to successfully write about topics that I am not familiar with. It has turned me into a pro at researching! Understanding how to write for companies that specialize in areas that are beyond my knowledge has helped me to develop researching tools and tips that I can carry out both in my major and career. It has actually been a blessing to write about certain topics that I am unfamiliar with because I know in the future I will not be able to just write about whatever I want. Therefore, getting the experience that I have gotten here has been amazing!

Writing, Writing, and More Writing

Above all, interning with Social Marketing Solutions has allowed me to write more than I ever had before and this is exactly what I needed. Allowing me to write as much as I have has given me the practice and capability of being the writer that I eventually wish to be. I would have never gotten the experience that I need if not for interning here and I am so grateful for that. It will prepare me in the near future when I have a heavy work load and multiple projects to have finished by a certain time.

All in all, the experience on interning with Social Marketing Solutions has great! I love the understanding that I am gaining of what a career in writing will be like. I know that this is helping to successfully graduate from college as a journalism major and eventually help me to obtain an accomplished writing career.


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