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Common Social Media Myths

April 26, 2014

We have found that there are quite a few misconceptions people have about social media, so we want to let you in on the truth and set the record straight on these five common myths:

  1. Social media is just for young people. Because young people use social media doesn’t mean it only impacts them. The truth is that you can reach multiple generations with social media. The average Twitter user is a white-collar worker in his/her 30s, and Facebook is growing specifically with users who are age 40 and older.

  2. Social media is easy to do. The basics of social media aren’t difficult, but to reach your target audience and see a positive outcome takes time, effort and strategic planning.

  3. Social media is the same as social networking. Social media can be your website, blog, and forums. Social networking goes beyond social media sites. Whatever way you connect with your audience online is networking.

  4. All social media is free. There may be no direct cost, but there could be some financial investment to create meaningful content and market your service or product effectively.

  5. Social media is just a way to let people see your message. Social media isn’t just about a message; it’s about starting conversations and creating relationships with customers and clients. When you create a trusting relationship with your customers, your social media efforts will have a larger impact.


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