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Fun Ways to Get Your Clients to Interact

August 28, 2014

Many of our readers have been asking how to get their clients to interact with them in new fun ways so we came up with a few tips for all of you.

  1. Use fill in the blanks. When you ask questions with fill in the blanks, it gives your clients an opportunity to tell you what they want while having the advantage of being fun (somewhat like MadLibs when you were a kid). You can ask something like “If I could change one thing about your company/ service it would be ________________. "

  2. Use Facebook polls. Facebook allows you to make your own polls. Providing these enables your clients to give valuable feedback with the condition of anonymity.

  3. Ask your clients to post funny photos of themselves using your service/product. They can compete and get creative with the photos. The added bonus here is having numerous other people, who might not normally see it, seeing your product or service.

  4. Have a sweepstakes that customers can enter if they answer a questionnaire about service, quality, etc. People will love the opportunity to win something and it’s a great chance for them to give you their input.

We hope these tips help you and make sure you let us know what else you want to hear about!


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