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Get Your Business In Tip Top Shape For Spring

March 19, 2013

            It’s that time of year again… Spring-Cleaning. But this doesn’t just apply to your home anymore! Check out or three simple tips to have your business up to par just as you start to feel the sense of Spring excitement in the air.

            Tip # 1: How To Help Your Customers Springtime Needs – Of course your business has their own services or products of value to offer to your customers, but how can they relate to the springtime needs of your customer? You want to ensure that what you offer is exactly what your target market needs during the springtime and create a constant state of need for your products/services in direct relation to the spring season. For example, offer residential cleaning or landscaping services as a “Spring Cleaning” campaign. Musical entertainment or catering can easily be turned into a “Spring Wedding/Event” marketing campaign. Some businesses might have a harder time with this than others, but there is always something to expand on and create a solid marketing campaign with a springtime relation.

            Tip #2: What’s The Best Way To Market Your Springtime Offer? The beautiful weather that accompanies the Spring season typically boasts many outdoor community festivals and events. This is the perfect opportunity to spread the word about your business through the celebration of the Spring season. Other options are spring themed sales events, email marketing campaigns, or advertisements in the local paper, magazine or brochures to be placed in local restaurants or B&Bs. Try to tailor these various marketing avenues to best benefit your business and make use of them to create a successful and profitable marketing campaign for your business.

            Tip #3: Incorporate Springtime Tips & Advice – While using sales oriented pitches to get the word out about your business you can also capitalize on this time to create business value with your customers. Incorporating specific “spring themed” tips and advice into your campaign that is centered around your industry allows you to offer something free and clear that can be used in your customers’ daily lives and goes beyond providing a service or product. Customers find more value in businesses that offer more than one-dimensional marketing and advertising campaigns that center exclusively on the business rather than the customer.

            Spring is in the air and we certainly hope the warming temperatures and blooming flowers are creating as much of an exciting buzz in your office as it is in ours. Remember; contact Social Marketing Solutions, LLC with all of your social media marketing needs!


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