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Have You Jumped On The Social Networking Train Yet? If Not, Get On Now And Allow These Social Media Musts To Help!

May 19, 2012

Social Networking MUSTS! If you are new to the social networking world or thinking about getting started, here is a list of things you MUST do in order to ensure success.

Stay Active, Engaged, and Be Real.

Ignoring your accounts is no way to take full advantage of social networks. They are meant to keep your customers in the loop and in constant contact so daily updates are a must! If you keep your networks current your customers will be able to stay up to date with new products and ask instant questions. This will be a leeway towards an expanding business or company. So if you open accounts make sure to stay attentive to them! If you ever feel as though you are overwhelmed or have too many accounts, simply chose one to stick with. It is much better to have one strong account rather than numerous weak accounts. 

You Must Give Your Networks Time

As you begin social networking, you may need to allow your accounts some time to expand. At the beginning, it may seem as though your accounts are not showing immediate results but stay patient. Consumers and clients will need time to realize that you started networking. As the word get around and as you continue to update your account, it will soon enlarge and you will experience the outcome that you expected. In order to expand you must tell your customers you are out there. An easy way to do this is send an email telling providing them with easy links to your site, put the links at the bottom of your clients receipts, and verbally tell them or ask them if they have a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn page- words are a lot more powerful than you think! 

You Must Stay Connected

A large mistake that account holders make is not staying in touch with followers, clients, and friends. You must be in constant contact- which means updating daily and commenting and engaging with your connections! Keeping the public updated on what your business has going on is a start, but only a start. You cannot ignore your follower’s questions and comments. If they begin to feel as though they are being overlooked, they will lose interest in your company and move on to another that responds thoroughly and efficiently. So always attempt to reply to any and all comments left by followers, it’s a MUST!
Accomplish these easy-to-manage must-do’s and you will be well on your way to becoming a social networking butterfly. These steps are quick and simple and are well worth it. The work put in is minute but the reward is immense. There is no better way to expand a business than through social networking! So always remember, you must stay active, be patient, and stay connected and you will be happy that you did!



And as always if you need help just give us a call! 

Kelly Jones
Owner and Social Media Expert 


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