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Hold Up, Stop Right There! You MUST Take A Moment To Update Your Website and Improve Your SEO!

November 28, 2011

Have you thought about your websites search engine optimization lately? 

Search Engine Optimization (for my fingers sake, also known as SEO) is something any company with a website can benefit from. In 2006, Google was averaging 91 MILLION searches PER DAY and 2,733 MILLION PER MONTH- and that was 5 years ago! Now think about how many people log onto their computer, open their internet browser, and type in the company they’re looking for in Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, and so many others. If they are typing in YOUR company don’t you want YOUR company to come up on the first page?
 If you’re not on at least the first page of your search results then your website needs some SEO work!

You know you need SEO work, but you don’t know where to begin. 

Getting started with my SEO work was an adventure. My website was created in August by Pinnacle Graphic Communications (didn't they do a great job?), but since I had such a new website and domain I was not anywhere to be found on search engines. 



After finding a few moments to begin my SEO research I began learning about different levels of SEO work. I looked into tons of different companies – some were very small with minimal work, some were huge with extensively monthly SEO updates. After deciding I was not going to spend thousands of dollars, I was luckily introduced to John Tully of DSM-LLC. John Tully and his team did a wonderful job of analyzing my key words, my websites strengths, my websites weaknesses, and he provided us with suggestions for how to improve. At a low price I realized I had a lot to learn, but I finally had a place to start. 

FIND A PLACE TO START- Talk with others, see what your fellow networkers specialize in, and find what works for YOU!

First off, I identified a list of a few things that were most important to me: 
1. What did I want to get accomplished?
2. How much was I willing to spend?
3. What is most important to me in relation to SEO (did I need to be on the first page or get to #1)?
4. Have I thought about keywords and how I can improve on my own?
5. How much time am I willing to invest weekly into SEO?



Identifying what you want to accomplish is the first step to moving forward with SEO. 
Without a plan things can get very confusing, very quickly.

The most important part of my SEO journey…It NEVER ends!
 I choose to follow up with my online marketing specialist
The Website WordSmith – Alexa Steele

For those who read my last post you may have read about my online marketing guru- Alexa Steele. I want to mention her again because, she truly is apart of my online marketing strategy and I wouldn't have the online presence I have without her help. After working with John Tully and Alexa Steele I am so thrilled to say that I now come up on the first page of Google (more often then not)! Alexa has truly helped me find my online identity and she keeps up with me to make sure I am not slacking! Out of anything I have done, it has been most beneficial to have a bi-weekly phone conference with Alexa so she can tell me how I am doing, and what I can improve on. I found if I don’t check in with Alexa I will not complete the tasks we discussed which in turn have positively impacted my online presence. 




It makes a difference.

SEO is extremely important. It makes a huge difference in who, what, and why people are viewing your website. Make sure your site is updated, clean, easy to search, and easy to navigate. 



Ask for help if you need it and I would highly recommend DSM- John Tully and The Website Wordsmith- Alexa Steele if you need further SEO assistance! 


Kelly Jones
Owner and Social Media Manager
Social Marketing Solutions, LLC 
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One Response to “Hold Up, Stop Right There! You MUST Take A Moment To Update Your Website and Improve Your SEO!”

  1. John Tully on November 29th, 2011 8:33 am

    Thanks for the “love” and for highlighting this very important issue. SEO doesn’t have to be complicated but it does need to be considered and addressed in an ongoing way – its a process not a one-time solution.

    John Tully

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