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How to Keep Your Social Media Sites Customer Friendly

October 22, 2014

A great way to keep clients involved in a business is by making sure they feel heard. Social media has become a quick and easy way for buyers to relay what they want and need from a corporation. While they may be eager to contact a service for personal concerns, it can also be used by businesses to collect new and fresh ideas. There are numerous ways to accomplish receiving client input through social media outlets.


Pose simple and easy to answer questions that followers can reply too in a short amount of time. Everyone seems to always be on the go, so while they want to feel heard, they also want to be efficient. Responses will come in as long as the buyers are able to answer in an effortless manner.


Posting polls on your website is a better idea for those customers who are willing to take a little more time out of their day. Managing polls on certain products or services will create more details on what buyers like/dislike and what can be improved. Bonus: You can also post these polls to your Facebook page!

Hold a Contest

A new social media trend has emerged where followers are able to participate in a contest in order to win a prize. Using a “photo challenge” or a “best answer challenge", for example, will keep consumers involved in a fun and unique way. Winners can be given rewards such as a new product or a free trial.

Keeping customers involved and listening to their advice is vital to the success of any business. Over the past few years this has become much simpler due to social media outlets. Contact between buyers and business owners/corporations is easier than ever and should be fully taken advantage of. Using the above techniques will be guaranteed to positively affect the success of a business.


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