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I Admit It, I Am a Blogging Addict. I Discovered The Infinite Marketing Potential Of Blogging. The Question Is, Have You?

November 22, 2011

I am all about making my own statements and influencing people with my online identity.  

  • Recently, within the past three months I have developed a newfound love for blogging. I was always told it is a great marketing tool, but to be honest, who has an extra hour every week to spend writing? Well, I am here to tell you I jumped on the bandwagon and it was the best decision I ever made. I find myself writing about situations I feel others may relate to, and if my experiences and advice can help someone else, then I am happy to devote an hour of my time to writing and helping others. 
  • When asked the question, “I don’t have time to blog, what do you suggest?” I personally suggest taking a time to schedule weekly and devote it to helping others. Your brain, your suggestions, and your knowledge in your industry or your personal experiences can teach others so many things. You may not even understand the impact your blog has on someone, but think about the growth the blog could have if people are drawn to what you're writing about. Bottom-line, take time to blog. It is extremely beneficial for your brand and it is personally rewarding hearing feedback and expressing yourself in a new and exciting way. 

Blogs create integrated solutions that every business can benefit from: 

  1. When you write a blog you are able to express your expertise and show off your knowledge to your fan base. 
  2. Blogs help enhance your websites search engine optimization. SEO is something that takes time and is an ongoing process; why not bump up your SEO with a blog?
  3. Blogging can help provide information for your social media sites. Don’t forget to promote your blog on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+!

Do you understand the importance of blogs yet? Are you convinced? If not, let me direct you to my SEO and Internet Master – The Website Wordsmith

The Website Wordsmith



If you are looking to launch your business blog and want to jump right into online marketing success, I definitely recommend Alexa Steele from The Website Wordsmith. Alexa is my online marketing coach who got me started on my amazing blog. She has been an amazing resource for me and I cannot thank her enough. I have sessions with Alexa bi-weekly to evaluate my website, my blog, and the growth of my online success. It would be my pleasure to recommend Alexa to anyone looking for blog work, online marketing strategies, SEO work, and so much more! Best part? Alexa offers free website evaluations to first timers. Check out her website at – www.thewebsitewordsmith.com

To Top It Off…

Kelly Jones, Expert in Marketing Potential of Blogging



I may not have years of blogging experience, but I am an online marketer who has worked with over 55 different companies to expand their social media presence. I have a gift for developing online strategies for companies of all industries. I would be happy to evaluate your social media presence and provide you with some suggestions and direction for your social media presence. Please feel free to call for your FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation




 Kelly Jones 
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  1. WebWordsmith on November 22nd, 2011 8:26 am

    Kelly, you are too kind! You’re blog is rockin’ too!

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