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Ignite Your Social Media Presence with a BANG!

December 5, 2011

How do I stand out on social networking sites and how do I make social media generate sales?    

Improve sales w/ your social media presence



Social networking is awesome for socializing, networking, and making new connections and friends. The important question when dealing with social media sites for business purposes is, what do you have to do to make it generate business leads and deals? I have three BIG suggestions I want to discuss today and I guarantee there will be more blog posts and suggestions on this topic in the future. 



1. Adapt to social media
2. Be the expert
3. Stay proactive, be proactive


1. Adapt to your social media environment. 

– Find out what your competitors are doing on social networking sites, research who they are friends with, and research what they are posting. Social media is about staying ahead of the competition. In order to stay one step ahead every time you need to know what your competitors are doing, so you can plan how you’re going to strategize your social media efforts. 



2. You’re an expert in the “real world,” but show your expertise through social networking. 

– Give expert advice, connect with your clients, and provide your friends/fans/connections something interesting to read and learn from. There are millions of people on social media sites in the same industry that you are, but there is only ONE of you. Make people feel comfortable with your expertise, allow them to feel knowledgeable about your industry, and leave them talking. There is nothing like a Facebook post that the entire online community is buzzing about- creativity is contagious. 

3. Stay proactive on your social media pages- and that means more than once a week! 

– Treat your social media presence as a referral source. People will go to your page judge your postings, the content, and how you interact with the people who are commenting on your social media pages. Think of your social media pages as an email from a potential customer. If you didn’t get a response from that company for a week or more how would you feel about using their services? I know I wouldn’t feel as comfortable. It is the same with social media- stay active, stay engaged, and stay informed. You must know what is going on and stayed keyed in, in able to achieve credibility and generate business leads. Now if you find you don’t have time to keep up with social networking and the commitment is too much that’s when you give Social Marketing Solutions a call and we manage 100% of your social networking presence for you. 



lift the social media presence burden from your shoulders



Having someone else manage your social networking presence may be more time efficient as well as prosperous for your business. All of our social media managers are trained on how to make social media effective for every industry. We know what works, what doesn’t, what to say, and what to avoid. Our social media managers also know how to effectively reach your target audience leaving you time to sit back and close the business deals. So why carry the weight on your shoulders when Social Marketing Solutions can greatly help your company? Just give us a call today – 973-265-2833

Kelly Jones
Owner and Social Media Manager

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