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Ignite Your Social Media Skills In Order To Make A Difference And End Cyberbullying!

November 16, 2011

Americans Around The Country Are Coming Together To Fight The Cyberbullying  Epidemic
Are YOU ready to get involved?

Have you heard of the term "cyberbullying" before? Maybe you have, maybe you haven't, but we need to educate each other, work together, and find a solution to help end this horrible cyberbullying epidemic! Cyberbullying occurs when one person uses technology such as a phone, texting, the internet, and other technological mediums to deliberately harasses, harm, and/or threaten someone else. This can occur between kids, tweens, teens, and even adults!


Now if you're reading this you may be thinking, "I know what cyberbullying is. How does this blog relate to me?" Well, I am going to inform you on a grassroots movement that is spreading the nation and making a big impact on our society. Before I go into the juicy details I hope at the end of this blog EVERYONE who read this will help us spread the word by using the power of social media! Post this blog on your status, tweet this blog to all your friends, post your comments on the NO BULL's Facebook page! Whatever you decide take a minute to REPOST AND HELP! 

Even if you personally are not be eligible to submit a video to the NO BULL Challenge you will have the opportunity to get involved and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  We are educating people, sharing the facts, and getting people involved in a once in a lifetime movement- The Great American NO BULL Challenge which will help us facilitate real change

How Teens Can Get Involved In Order To Take A Stance Against Cyberbullies!

The Great American NO BULL Challenge is the largest, youth-led campaign, fighting against cyberbulling in the US! The campaign is getting kids involved in a national video challenge to help end cyberbullying and bring awareness to the issue.


ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS: make a short film about anti-cyberbullying, upload it onto the NO BULL website, and then get friends and family to vote and support the best anti-cyberbullying video! 

*The top 1,500 qualified entries will automatically win a SWAG bag filled with irresistible goodies only "A-listers" usually receive.  
* 15 finalists will be announced on 5/15/2012
* 8 winners will be announced at the RED CARPET AWARDS EVENT IN SAN FRANCISCO, CA where the winners will get VIP treatment and enjoy the event with the celebrity supporters, singers and high-profile spokespeople! 
*Lastly, depending on the award your group wins you have the opportunity to get cash prizes for your school, IPads, IPhones, scholarships, the opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime production deal AND SO MUCH MORE! 


Too Old To Submit A Video? 
Don't Worry You CAN Get Involved In Other Ways! 

Now what happens if you're an adult, but you still want to participate? Unfortunately, you may not have the opportunity to win the same awesome prizes as the teens, BUT you can help spread the word and support the participants for this AMAZING movement. Here are some ideas:


  • If you're an adult you have the opportunity to help guide the teens while they are working on their anti-cyberbullying videos! On the NO BULL WEBSITE there are guidelines on how to create a NO BULL CLUB in your area! As an adult you can help facilitate a NO BULL CLUB within your local school, community, and/or family and friends in your area. These NO BULL CLUB'S can help raise awareness and provide students with solutions and a place to turn in order to learn how to handle cyberbullying situations which they may be faced with currently or in the future.
  • Now if you REALLY want to get involved in this movement check out the NO BULL GEAR on our challenge website. At the NO BULL CLUB you are facilitating throw on your NO BULL GEAR, take some pictures of your group, and post them on the NO BULL CHALLENGE Facebook page! We want to see how you're involved so be sure to keep us posted! =)

We may not be able to single handedly stop every cyberbully, but WITH YOUR HELP CAN WE SPREAD THE WORD OF THIS CHALLENGE TO THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE IN SECONDS. Please post this blog on your status, or Tweet this blog to your fellow followers, feel free to check out the NO BULL's Facebook and website and email if you have any questions for us! 

End Cyberbullying



Kelly Jones 
Owner/Social Media Manager

973-722-3469 – Social Media Expert



The Great American NO BULL Challenge Facebook-  
The Great American NO BULL Challenge Twitter-
The Great American NO BULL Challenge Website- 


* Social Marketing Solutions, LLC is not a sponsor or spokesperson for the NO BULL event. We simply want to help spread the word about cyberbullying because we believe in the cause and we support  NO BULL!



One Response to “Ignite Your Social Media Skills In Order To Make A Difference And End Cyberbullying!”

  1. Diana St. Lifer on November 16th, 2011 6:39 am

    Kelly, Kudos to Social Marketing Solutions for promoting the Great American NO BULL Challenge. As someone who coaches teenagers on the importance of making conscious choices in their lives, I fully support the efforts of this campaign and encourage all teens to get informed and get involved in preventing cyberbulling. Great job Kelly and Social Marketing Solutions for spreading the word!

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