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Improving Your Social Presence

November 15, 2012


            Many have become familiarized with the Facebook timeline but businesses still have tweaks to make to enhance their pages. These 10 Facebook apps are sure to improve your businesses social presence.

1.Facebook Forum

            Give your fans a forum to chat about your company, services and products. These will both increase fan interaction and you will reap the benefits with internal market research.

2.Scribd For Portfolio Sites

            The Scribd app makes it easy for you fans to view images, slideshow presentations, PDF’s, documents and any other portfolio items you wish to post.

3.Google Maps

            If you rely on ‘walk-in’ traffic use this app to make it easy for your fans to find your storefront and include ‘Google Maps’ in your timeline.

4.Involver RSS For Pages

            This app allows your fans to read your blog directly from your Facebook tab in one quick click.

5.The Pinterest App

            Add your Pinterest profile to your business page and give your fans insight on all of your great marketing-orientated pins.

6.      The Contact Tab

            This creates a seamless contact form interface which includes all of your contact information, maps, social icons, URLS and more all in one place.

7.YouTube Video App

            If your business has a YouTube feed than it is nothing short of necessary to give your fans access to it – and there’s no easier way than having the video show up across your timeline.

8.Twitter App

            Give your Facebook fans some quick tidbits of info from your business – just make sure you don’t link your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

9.FAQ App

            Adding this app to your timeline will provide fans with easy access to all of your most important details.

10.  Customize

            Choose an app that will compliment your business presence! For example if you a re a bookstore trying to promote ebook sales select a app built that will do this for you.


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