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Let Your Presence be Known!

January 23, 2013

You’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and perhaps a few other social media sites. Your posts offer great information about your industry and company, but no one knows you are there.

Too often companies forget about the importance of letting their current and potential clients know that they are active on social media. As with any type of advertising or marketing, a message is only effective if people see it.

Here are a few things you can do spread the word about your standing in the social media world.

This is an easy one to remember: cross-reference your presence. Tweet a link to your Facebook page, ask your Facebook fans to follow you on Twitter, and push people to your LinkedIn site to see recommendations.

You hand out business cards, right? In addition to your phone number and location, include the icons for the social media platforms you use.

Add your social media website addresses to your email signature.

If you have a storefront, put a sign in your window or at the register counter to remind people where they can find you in cyberspace. Do the same on your company vehicle.

Offer special discounts to your social media fans. For example, a local frozen yogurt store offers a 10-percent discount to those who show on their cell phones that they follow them on Twitter or “Like” their Facebook page.

Once you’re on social media remember to stay visible and offer value, meaning post regularly and offer information that is of value to those you value—your customers.


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