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New Client Spotlight: Lice Doctors

March 16, 2017

We are incredibly lucky at Social Marketing Solutions to be able to work with some of the best companies from a variety of industries. From clients we've been working with for years, to the ones who are brand new to SMS, we work with a vast array of talent and we thought it would be great if we had a chance to highlight one of our awesome clients. Today we're introducing LiceDoctors!

Lice can be a devastating stage in someone’s life, but luckily there's LiceDoctors! LiceDoctors is the leading lice removal service in the U.S. One of the many reasons their treatment stands out is because they have a medical doctor right on staff. Board-certified physician, Dr. Stephen Beck, realized over 20 years ago the need for efficacious, chemical-free lice treatments after finding other treatments were failing patients. He did extensive research on lice and their life cycle, and he advocates that treatment must attack lice at all stages of their cycle. LiceDoctors' technicians are experienced and use step-by-step, pesticide-free treatments. Treatments are safe and work every time! That's the LiceDoctors guarantee!

Not only do they have the best system around, they're also convenient and affordable! Remember when doctors used to make house calls? Ahhh…the privacy, the care, the convenience! Well, LiceDoctors offers the convenience and privacy of at-home service—7 days a week—day or night. An experienced lice professional comes to your home (or wherever you designate) in an unmarked car so that you can maintain absolute privacy. At-home service also allows you maximum flexibility as when one child is finished being checked, he/she can return to their at-home activities—no need to wait for little brother or sister to be treated! LiceDoctors takes away your stress and makes your lice treatment experience as pleasant as possible. If you pay by the head somewhere else, you may end up paying much more than you should. It's very important that all family members be checked, as lice are highly contagious. In addition, because their technicians are experienced, they are able to work efficiently to ensure that treatment is done thoroughly without wasted time.

LiceDoctors is there when you need them and we look forward to working on their online identity in the near future. Day or night give tthem a call at 800-224-2537 or check them out online. Of course you should “like” their Facebook page too!

Keep checking back with us as we keep introducing you to more of our fabulous clients and sharing more wonderful social media tips and news!


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