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Social vs. Face to Face Networking

August 21, 2012

There are numerous types of networking that can be practiced by everyone. The most common these days is online networking – using tools such as Facebook and Twitter to build your brand. There is also a mostly forgotten about network which is face to face networking. The differences between these two types of networking are few but crucial.

Online Social Networking

We have spoken much of online networking. The myriad of ways that Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can easily aid in growing, expanding, and enhancing your business is worth the small trouble of updating them. Because so many people have internet and social networks, online networking is one of the simplest and most effective ways of growing your company brand by harnessing the world wide power of the web. One downfall of social networking, however, is the impersonality of it all. Although you can communicate to your clients through the internet, you are not face to face with them. Clearly, this is where face to face networking comes in handy.

Face to Face Networking

Face to face networking may be a classic but there’s a reason for that. With all the technology in this day and age, people are missing the lengths that businesses will go to just to talk to their clients. Buyers will appreciate the fact you are still willing to not just log into your computer, but also come to their house to make sure they are happy with your product. Facing clients will reassure them that you are still interested in them as an individual rather than just a general client. The con to face to face networking that is a pro in online networking is that it’s less effective in reaching a wide range of people. Online networks can reach millions of people with a click or a button whereas meeting with people will not give you as much quantity.


Both networking types are efficient and needed and each strategy complements the other. A mixture of the two networking types will lead to a perfect networking agenda. Having both the intimacy of face to face networking and the number of people that online networking can reach is the exact combination that is needed. Mix up between the two, and your corporation will thrive.


2 Responses to “Social vs. Face to Face Networking”

  1. Felicia Lucco on August 31st, 2012 3:37 am

    I agree that you need both, as they each serve a purpose. I see the value in social networking online being a way to expose your company to people who may not otherwise ever hear of you. Posting your logo alongside what you have to say grows brand recognition. And posting something of interest and value to others will keep your readers reading. Get them to click back to your site, and now they’re exposed to your company. The next time they see you, your logo, or your post online, they’re likely to pay attention.

    When you network in person, it’s all about building rapport. You want to get to know the other person, and of course, they’ll ask about you. You can supply a brief synopsis of what you do and turn the conversation back to them. Give them your card and invite them to visit your website. Here, your online presence serves to provide more informaton, more than you would give in a face-to-face meeting. And now that you’ve met, connect – online – and you have the best of both worlds!

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