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Tips for Brainstorming Blog Topics for Your Company

December 19, 2013

Writing blogs on a consistent basis is something you know your company needs to do but it can sometimes be difficult coming up with ideas, especially ones that are fresh, new and exciting. We came up with some tips to help you be creative and original when writing blogs for your company. Read on to learn more!

Tip 1:  Our first tip is to ask your customers what they want to know more about. Since they are your target, it’s important to write your blog towards them and their needs. They can give you a lot of ideas of what they want to hear about and this is a simple and effective way to get your blog on the fast track. This tip is also important because it shows your readers and customers you care about them.

Tip 2: The second tip is to write a blog about a recent news story that relates to your company. It can be something that interests you personally, something that might affect your customers or just the latest industry news.  This keeps your clients updated and informed with what’s happening in your world.

Tip 3: Interviews are a great way to add depth to your blog. Interviewing people in the industry or company can give people an inside look into what is going on behind closed doors. People want to trust you and your company, so by being open and sharing stories with them they will automatically feel connected to you.

Tip 4: Another way to come up with blog ideas is to read the customer review section on your website.  People love to complain so this gives you an opportunity to address some of their concerns and show a solution. This will also allow your customers to feel as if you know what they need and want. It’s not only important to look at your website but also to check your competitors website out and see what people are complaining about. Then you can write about the common issue people have and give a solution to the problem.

Tip 5: Our last tip for you is to keep a journal. The journal can be a place where you can write ideas you come up with everyday as well as ideas your customers and readers want to hear about. If you keep the journal you will be surprised by how many ideas will come to you. While writing a blog you may get 10 other ideas that relate to the blog you’re writing that would be perfect to one day write about. Blogs are about connecting and sharing what you know, so don’t be shy about being creative. 


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