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To Ensure A Successful Social Media Experience, Stay Away From These Common Networking No-No

January 25, 2012

Social networking can and should be an excellent way to develop your business. The doors that open because of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., are endless when done the correct way. 

In order to maintain success with social media, there are a few common mistakes that should be avoided at all costs.



1.   Do NOT be too aggressive and self-promoting.

Social media marketing is definitely a way to let people know about upcoming events, contests, and promotions. With that being said, it is also an opportunity to communicate with customers. Leave plenty of room for people to converse with you, ask you questions, and offer free advice in your area of expertise. You do NOT want to sound like a salesman!


2.   Do NOT be dishonest.

Just because social networking is done behind a computer screen does NOT mean that it is easier to get away with a lie. For example, do NOT use a fake picture as your avatar or post a misleading link. People will only be fooled once by these tricks and then will no longer trust your business. Honesty will create long-term social networking success.


3.   Do NOT neglect your accounts.

Having a number of social networking accounts and abandoning them is even worse then have no accounts at all! It gives the wrong impression of your business, making it seem as though you are lazy, even though we know you are not! Updating your accounts once every few months is NOT enough! If you use planning, you can update your accounts in about 10 minutes and the benefits of it will be immense.  

Kelly Jones, expert in successful social media marketing



So there you have it! Avoid these errors and you will be well on your way to obtaining an accomplished social networking reputation. This, in turn, will truly help your business grow and you will receive immediate positive results. If you need help you know what to do, call us and we will gladly give you a FREE consultation. Enjoy the success!

Kelly Jones
Social Media Expert 


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