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Use Back To School to Your Advantage!

September 12, 2014

Now that it's back to school time, its time to start thinking about using back to school sales and events in your social marketing.

  1. You can hand out exclusive back to school deals for fans of your social media sites who post about you and spread the word of your great services. For example, post on your Facebook page that you are trying to reach a certain number of "likes" and for everyone who shares your page and leaves a comment saying that they did, you will mail them a coupon for a certain percentage off their order or a product. Now's a great time to get feedback from your clients! Add a poll or survey to your website and then post about it on your social networks. Entice people to fill it out by doing a drawing for a prize at the end of the survey period.

  2. Support local sports teams and you will begin to increase your positive image within your town. If you sponsor town run teams, your name could be on jerseys and if you help support school teams you become more integrated in the area. Make sure you post on your social media sites about games for the team you are supporting and pictures of you getting involved. It will really resonate with your followers in the area.

  3. Our last tip is to reach out to college students. Many college students look for internships to get experience and credit. These can be great connections for you to make because many hand-working interns will end up working for a company and having a true passion for it. These interns can be very useful when trying to manage social media sites and many times can give you different insights on what they like to see in social marketing and what catches their eyes and makes them take notice to a company’s social marketing.

These are our "Welcome Back to School" social marketing tips! We hope they're as useful to you as they have been to us. If you use any of them, please come back and leave us a comment about how they helped!


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