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Video: A simple step to enhancing your social media technique

October 2, 2012

Status Updates, Tweets, Pins & Videos?

It seems that new social media platforms are emerging every day. From creating witty statuses on Facebook, creating enticing hash tags on Twitter, and finding fabulous products to Pin, why add video into the mix? The answer is simple: YouTube.


Video has become not only necessary but an integral part of using social media to reach your customers. The worldwide video-sharing community, YouTube, is the second largest search engine in the United States with 24 hours of video downloaded every minute.

Selling Point

YouTube is where consumers are doing their shopping. By providing your customer base with something to watch, they are staying on your website longer and are much more likely to buy.

Quality Over Quantity

The quality of the finished product of the video is as equally important as the video’s content. The most effective videos are honest, transparent, real, relevant, educational and authentic.

Hit Your Target

Since this video is for marketing purposes it is crucial that it is targeted. This is easy. First, identify your audience and highlight your product with what it can offer to that group. Second, target specific groups because if you are too broad you will glaze over most people. Finally, understand and relate to the groups’ needs and interests that you are targeting.

Who’s Shooting?

Let’s face it, not all of us can shoot a quality video. Remember trying to watch an old dance recital or soccer game and it’s so shaky you feel like you’re on a rollercoaster? I sure do! This is the time where you need to let the professionals take over. Grey Sky Films Social Marketing Solutions, LLC. and Grey Sky Films have partnered to create enticing and intellectual videos that make an impact. After all, “Helping brands make an IMPACT! one film at a time,” is the film company’s motto. Check out the videos we have produced together!


For more information on Grey Sky Films make sure to visit their website http://www.greyskyfilms.com/ and see what this New Jersey based production company has to offer for your company!


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