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Welcoming Change: Top Marketing Solutions for 2014

February 8, 2014

As social media platforms evolved into cutting edge marketing tools in 2013, it has become crucial to take various technological tools, devices, and digital solutions into consideration. Is your goal to effectively reach more customers, fans, and potential investors in 2014? Read below for our wrap-up with everything you need to know.

  1. Video marketing is in. Did you know that more than 50% of all web traffic has become video based? Audiences feel that they are making a smarter purchasing or investing decision after viewing a video – and this is not to be ignored. Video advertising should be catchy, short and simple.

  2. Mobile marketing is a cornerstone. Mobile marketing is no longer a marginal feature; it’s a necessity. Consumers spend the majority of their time online on their mobile device. Digital platforms and marketing solutions you choose to invest in this year should be mobile friendly, responsive, and adaptive. While most digital platforms and themes are now designed to scale appropriately with mobile devices it is important to confirm this ability.

  3. Revise & incorporate Search Engine Optimization. This year SEO has become more easily understandable. Google has made SEO all about quality and relevant content, audience appeal, social media activity, customer voice, and a small smattering of keywords directly related to your business. It is time to review the new best practices of SEO and bring your content in line with them.

  4. Strategize social media use. It is safe to assume that people understand the need for an active social media presence. It is imperative to realize that successful social media marketing cannot be self-centered. Integrate your social media presence with other marketing tools and engage your customers and fans.

  5. Create an online presence that engages and inspires. Throughout 2014 marketing and public relations will shift from a focus of winning customers to goals of gaining investors and supporters to push their company’s online presence to a new and exciting level. This shift entails an interconnected online presence that inspires fans while engaging potential customers and investors to buy.

Stay onboard in 2014. Develop a professional, clean website and a strong logo. Build a social media presence as a new cornerstone to your marketing and public relations plan. The social media ship for 2014 has set its sails but it’s not too late to jump onboard. Don’t capsize your business endeavors – contact Social Marketing Solutions with all of your social marketing needs.


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