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An Interview with Author Denise K. Rago

May 18, 2015


We have something excellent for you guys today – an interview with our amazing client, Denise K. Rago! Denise is the author of "Immortal Obsession" and "Blood Tears" and is currently working on the 3rd book in that series. We help out by marketing the books on her social media sites, helping her connect with reviewers and more. Read on to find out more about Denise and her fabulous novels!

1. What career(s) do you have and what led you to them?  I have had two careers in addition to my book writing. The first is working in the Business office of a small, non-profit, private school for kids with special needs.  I have been here since 1989 with a brief hiatus in 2005 when I received my Masters Degree in Museum Professions.  I then returned in 2011 and have been here ever since.  The school holds a very special place in my heart and I am proud to be a part of such dedicated people who have devoted their lives to working with special needs students.  I did mention earning a degree in Museum Professions.  I love art and art museums.  These two passions figure prominently in both of my novels.  As a part of my Masters program I interned at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York city, a place I loved and visit like a second home.  My vampire, Christian Du Mauré happens to live on the Upper East Side, close to this museum. He frequents its galleries at night when the world is asleep.
2. As a writer, what's the ONE thing you want people to know about your books? One thing huh?  This is the hardest question to answer. For anyone who has loved and lost, never lost hope. Love is eternal, it transcends time.
3. Why did you hire SMS? Kelly Jones was hired by my school.  When I met her I found her to be positive, professional and very knowledgeable about social media.  I liked her.  I asked my boss if he thought it okay if I contacted her for personal reasons and he thought it was fine.  She and I are a good fit which I feel is crucial to building a trusting relationship and working together.  You are trusting someone to help you grow your business and if you do not get along I can’t imagine being able to work together. Her business is local so we can meet over a cup of coffee to discuss our plan of action.  Her services are reasonably priced too.  She listens to all my questions and offers feedback as well as giving me the latitude to experiment and learn as I navigate the world of marketing and social media. 
4. How do you manage your time with work and writing and family and etc? I'd love to be able to that well! I find that the less time I have the better I am able to manage it. I have to be honest, it is not always easy but I am very organized and I am not a procrastinator.  I do not let things pile up which only creates more work.  I prioritize continually and I am flexible enough to be able to shift them at a moments’ notice.  There are times during the year that my day job slows down so I am able to take advantage of this to write more since I am not coming home exhausted.  I love the beach and do some of my best writing sitting in the sand staring out at the ocean.  I also realize that I do not want to set myself up to be disappointed so I don’t schedule interviews or guest posts during busy times of the year, or plan on editing my next novel over the holiday season.  I think you need to know your strengths and limitations and work to maximize your time.  I have encountered this myth of the writer as an introvert, a solitary being who spends most of their time leading a solitary life, writing in their attics. I would agree that the creative process needs to be nurtured and cultivated but the process varies with individuals.  I could no more imagine being isolated and alone to write than I could imagine parachuting.  I am not solitary by nature.  I love being around people.  It’s when I need to write that I prefer silence and no distractions.  
5. What's the most important thing you've learned in life? People are the main focus of my life and at the end of the day my happiness stems from my relationships with family, friends, co-workers and everyone else I connect with, whether through social media or in my daily routine. Time slips away so it is crucial for me to live in the here and now with the people I love. I found a great quote which reads” everything you cherish demands attention and requires obligation.” 
6. Any advice for people who are just starting out with writing professionally?  Set up a writing routine that works for you and dismiss what anyone else says about writing, what it means to be a writer, how often should I write, etc.  Each of us works differently and you need to find the right fit in terms of setting goals that match your lifestyle.  There is the creative process and it manifests differently in each of us. Hire professionals to assist you in editing, web design, marketing, etc.  Listen to them and work collaboratively with them to turn your dreams into a reality.  No one person knows everything or can do everything so let the professionals do what they do best, and like I say, work together to turn your dream into a reality.  You will make mistakes, miscalculate and do not expect immediate success or recognition for your work.  This takes time….like years and you must be patient.  Know your market, research agents and publishing companies.  Research self-publishing.  The stigma of self-publishing no longer exists and there are some great companies out there.  Find what works best for you. 

Denise K Rago lives in New Jersey with her husband. A chance encounter with a mysterious stranger inspired her to begin Immortal Obsession, creating her vampire Christian Du Mauré.  The author is an avid reader and blogger, with a passion for art museums, Central Park, the French Revolution and all things vampire.

She puts them all to work in Immortal Obsession as well as the sequel, Blood Tears.

To learn more visit her website at www.denisekrago.com


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