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The Basic Social Media Marketing Package includes a minimum of one daily post Monday through Friday on three different social networking platforms. These platforms can include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram. Daily posts include inspirational, conversational and business related posts. This plan also includes the growth of the social networking presence, which is done through monitoring and inviting a larger fan base, focus on weekly metrics and best response posts as well as, responding and engaging with fans and followers. 


The Premium Social Media Marketing Package includes the entire Basic package PLUS two additional weekend postings. This plan also includes a heavier focus on the growth of the fan base and increased daily interactions. The growth of the pages includes focusing on growing your target audience and adding new followers and connections, as well as monitoring daily and weekly insights and providing quarterly feedback with a review on the overall social media presence, and any improvements we may suggest. 


The Platinum Social Media Marketing Package includes all of the Basic and Premium packages PLUS an additional TWO weekend posts, in addition to at least one custom blog OR newsletter created and shared once month. In addition, Social Marketing Solutions, LLC will contact the business principal for discussions on upcoming business activities, detailed information on what is happening in our clients industry, and any updates on company information including new promotions or events. 

Additional Services – 

* Custom Blog Posts –  We create customized blog posts around specific topics, promotions, events, or industry related info that our clients would like us to focus on.  The business principal may provide topic areas or our our Social Media Managers will research topics and industry related information, which will result in a single blog post send to the business for review. Custom content blogs can help enhance your websites SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well capture the interest of your target audience and help them stay connected to your business. 

* Custom Newsletters – We create and distribute a customized e-newsletters through Constant Contact or MailChimp. Newsletters contain content provided by the business principal, as well as content researched and written by our SMS team. E-newsletters are sent to the business for approval before distributing and the business must provide the contact lists we are distributing to. 


*** There is a one-time set up fee with all accounts. This one-time fee includes the initial business interview – which is a questionnaire to get to know more about the business we are working with, as well as the creation or modification of various social networking pages. It also includes the time to research the business we are working with, the industry they are in and their competitors. This is a one-time charge is required regardless of whether or not client has set up the social media pages. With any level service we require a six-month commitment in order to grow the presence to the best of our ability.

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